Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lease ended for the Voltzwagen...

So in November 2017 the lease on my 2015 VW eGolf expired. Now I had reserved a Tesla Model 3 2 years ago hoping that by then the Model 3 would be out... well it is.. sort of. At least to those who are employees, or current Tesla owners. Only recently, end of December 2017, did non owners start getting their configuration emails. My current estimated delivery isn't until Feb-April 2018, so rather than going back to gas, or buying some secondhand EV, I decided to purchase my eGolf and have it until my Model 3 becomes available. Since then many things have happened, for starters I moved from  the San Francisco bay area to... Texas!  And so far we love it! Cool thing is the eGolf is a very rare car out here as they don't sell them in TX right now. Bad part is the dealers don't have eGolf techs to fix things. Thankfully nothing has gone wrong with mine, aside from the charge port  getting stuck for a short period during a cold snap( I was able to fix it myself). So in the process of becoming a Texan and prepping for the change to a Tesla Model 3 I got the VOLTZWAGEN new plates! FUTURE3 because soon the eGolf will change to a Model 3 and I always wanted to drive the future, now it will be in the form of the game changing automotive icon, the Model 3!
      More to come as things get closer, but lots of new exciting EV's have come to light since my last posts!!! I got to see and sit in a Model 3 in Denton TX as an early owner did a cross country tour with his very own Model 3 (You You Xue), and it's far better in person than any photos!
You can see I had removed the fender decals here, because I was prepping to return the car, but decided to keep it. I may put them back on soon.

Actually reserved 2 Model 3's, one for first available, and the second to hold for the dual motor performance model down the road:)

here's is You You's Model 3 at the Denton Supercharger on Christmas Day, great guy, nice car, although it was cold that night! Will add a link to his road trip soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Top Gear Day!

I know this isn't exactly an EV specific post, but I thought I'd share my experience while in the UK at the Top Gear Driving Experience! Definitely a bucket list item checked!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

National Drive electric week is close at hand again! Be sure to check for your local events and if you have an EV to show off, then stop by, if you are still on the fence, stop by, take a ride, ask questions, talk to people who live with these cars everyday and see how they work in everyday life! I'll be showing and giving rides in mine!
Here's some more pics I've been hording, below is the new much bigger and much faster infotainmnet touch screen in the 2016 and newer model SEL's

Here's a shot of my car in for it's 10,000 mile "service" basically rotated the tires, topped off the wiper fluid and checked for any software updates... all for free:)

Here's a look under the hood, the plastic black cover makes it look more like a gas motor bay, but there is actually plenty of empty space in there and all this orange cables give it away.
Here's a window sticker from a 2016 e-Golf SEL. Lease rates can vary depending on availability at the time, but generally still around what I paid.

There are now over 9 or 10 e-Golfs at my workplace, mine of course still stands out :P thanks to my VOLTZWAGEN decals and wraped roof and mirrors!

Fun with bigger rims! Thanks to a generous donation of size via photoshop! See those rims look good, their just too small :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Quick take #1

here's a quick video about my 10,000 mile service and the changes for 2016 models so far. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that the cheaper SE model comes with a 3.3 kWh charger and not the SEL's 7.2kWh charger. That makes a big difference IMO.
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